How To Clean Drum Unit In the Brother Printer

Humans are different from other species, need not mention any comparison with the New Gods of the era, the machines! Yet there is one similarity, it does need caring and cleaning at regular intervals. Like, Clean Drum Unit In the Brother Printer. Due to wear and tear factor even the mighty machines starts to ‘die’ as they are unable to perform with efficiency. So, we provide brother printer technical support for all brother printer issues.

Your Brother printer also shows a sign which says it needs to be cleaned. Sometimes, small dots are visible on the paper after using the printer machine, this indicates there is an alien particle like dirt or glue from the label on the printer’s drum. It needs to be cleaned gently other harsh treatment can worsen the situation even more.

Follow these easy steps to clean the brother printer’s drum unit.

1. open the front and the back cover of the printer while it’s in working condition i.e. the machine should be on.
2. The green levers on both ends should be in an upward position, now press the go button five times.

3. The printer machine will start the drum cleaning process, check the light indicator to confirm it.

4. Now take an A4 paper, adjust the manual width according to the size of the sheet, otherwise the machine will halt the drum cleaning and eject the paper instead.

5. open the paper slot and hold the paper with both hands and let it roll inside the printer. Release the paper once you feel it getting pulled by the printer. Keep in mind the paper should be neat and without any wrinkle or crease otherwise, it is going to get stuck inside the machine for sure.

6. Do not get alert and stop the process by hearing the harsh sound coming from the printer as the drum getting cleaned. The noise is the indicator of the cleaning process as the drum rotates backward to honor your command.

7. There is another way to do it manually. In this process, turn off the printer and take out the power cord etc.

8. Then gently open the front cover and take out the drum and the loose toner by pressing the green lock level on a piece of paper placing it on an even surface.
9. Clean the drum with a cotton swab, lint-free paper or clean it wipes etc, just keep in mind anything you use should be alcohol-free.

10. Place the toner back in its position. Place the front cover back on the machine. And try testing it by taking out sample prints.

If it still doesn’t work, contact Brother Support experts team. Go to Our website and call Brother printer support number 1800-728-0810.

How to Fix Common Brother Printer Problems

If you are using a Brother printer, it is possible that you are facing Common Brother Printer Problems, Like paper jam and ink smears issue with your printer and now you are thinking to buy a new printer. Well, this is not a right solution, don’t be panic!! We are going to share some tips that you can follow to avoid these common constant paper jam and ink smears issues. If you’re facing problems along with your Brother printer, you can get instant support from Brother support number.

To fix issues with your Brother printer, you can follow these troubleshooting steps-

Step 1 – Confirm that you simply are using the right paper size before printing something.. To avoid the paper jam and rough printing issue don’t fill unnecessary paper in the feeder. Your Brother printer can scramble to print on a specific paper like substantial card stock or reflexive sheets. Be that as it may, you can keep the muddled cerebral pain of paper sticks by utilizing a lightweight printing paper. To know more about paper size and sheets read the Brother printer manual to make sure what exactly paper size one can use.

Step 2 – To fix the unreadable text and stranger characters issues with your Brother printer, make sure you are using the latest printer drivers. Sometimes, updating to the latest drivers can fix the issue if your computer would not recognize your printer. Login to the Brother printer website and choose the proper Brother printer range and software system runs on your pc. Follow the on-screen guide to finish the method.

Step 3 – To fix the blurred pictures and texts problems along with your Brother printer, clean the print heads to resolve the problem.. You can get the conceivable alternatives to take mind your Brother printer by choosing the print by means of any window and tapping the ‘Properties’ menu put adjacent to the name of your Brother printer. Select the Maintenance tab and find the choice to inspect nozzles. On the off chance that you get the obscured or softened lines up the printed pages, tap the printer head cleaner symbol to evacuate dried ink, tidy, and soil. Attempt to check and clean print make a beeline for counteract monstrous develop.

Step 4 – To fix the low ink level and missing text, images on the prints, try to replace or refill the printer ink. When the ink of the Brother printer is below to it’s marked capacity level, the printer start showing a low ink warning message, so go ahead to the guidelines gives in the printer manual to replace the cartridge successfully. You can also follow the guidelines that are mentioned on the printer cartridge cover. If you still have any query regarding the replacement of cartridge you can contact Brother Printer Support Number.

Step 5 – If you are done with all these steps and still not finding the right solution, we will provide you with more possibilities to fix the Brother printer issues. Sometimes, due to incorrect settings of a printer can also prevent it from working properly. If you are unable to solve the printer issues by following the above steps you can contact Brother Support number for the advance printer issues. Make sure to consult with the technical support experts before replacing the printer.