Brother Printer Not Printing The Whole Page Solve This Issues

If your Brother printer isn’t printing the whole page then follow these steps:

1. To figure out the real problem, try to print a document by placing it on the printer flatbed.
2. If the page is totally or partially blank it means it’s a problem of machine’s hardware, not the software.
3. Click on the “menu” or start button on the home screen and go to ‘Printer and Driver’.
4. To view the printer settings, right-click on the printer driver and then left-click on Printing Preferences.
5. Click and open the Printer’s properties:
6. Right-click on the Brother Printer and select PRINTER PROPERTIES.
7. Click on the Advanced Tab and select WIN PRINT under Print Processor.
8. Select ‘RAW’ from ‘Default Data Type’ and click OK.
9. Make sure the ‘Keep printed Documents’ is unchecked and click on ‘APPLY’.
10. Click on ‘Print Test Page’ from General Tab.

The issue is resolved If the machine prints the document correctly.
If the issue isn’t solved then the software needs to get updated. For this, first, uninstall and then reinstall the Brother Printer driver software.
It could be done by using the software CD, if available or simply go to Brother Printer’s official website and download it from there only for the smooth working of your printer.
Contact the support team if there is any issue regarding installing the software.
Now, Try to print one more time to check if the issue is resolved after successful installation of the latest software.

These instructions will be helping you. But still facing issues, Then you can call brother printer technical support toll-free number 1800-728-0810. Our experts’ team always available 24/7 for our customer happiness.

How To Clean Drum Unit In the Brother Printer

Humans are different from other species, need not mention any comparison with the New Gods of the era, the machines! Yet there is one similarity, it does need caring and cleaning at regular intervals. Like, Clean Drum Unit In the Brother Printer. Due to wear and tear factor even the mighty machines starts to ‘die’ as they are unable to perform with efficiency. So, we provide brother printer technical support for all brother printer issues.

Your Brother printer also shows a sign which says it needs to be cleaned. Sometimes, small dots are visible on the paper after using the printer machine, this indicates there is an alien particle like dirt or glue from the label on the printer’s drum. It needs to be cleaned gently other harsh treatment can worsen the situation even more.

Follow these easy steps to clean the brother printer’s drum unit.

1. open the front and the back cover of the printer while it’s in working condition i.e. the machine should be on.
2. The green levers on both ends should be in an upward position, now press the go button five times.

3. The printer machine will start the drum cleaning process, check the light indicator to confirm it.

4. Now take an A4 paper, adjust the manual width according to the size of the sheet, otherwise the machine will halt the drum cleaning and eject the paper instead.

5. open the paper slot and hold the paper with both hands and let it roll inside the printer. Release the paper once you feel it getting pulled by the printer. Keep in mind the paper should be neat and without any wrinkle or crease otherwise, it is going to get stuck inside the machine for sure.

6. Do not get alert and stop the process by hearing the harsh sound coming from the printer as the drum getting cleaned. The noise is the indicator of the cleaning process as the drum rotates backward to honor your command.

7. There is another way to do it manually. In this process, turn off the printer and take out the power cord etc.

8. Then gently open the front cover and take out the drum and the loose toner by pressing the green lock level on a piece of paper placing it on an even surface.
9. Clean the drum with a cotton swab, lint-free paper or clean it wipes etc, just keep in mind anything you use should be alcohol-free.

10. Place the toner back in its position. Place the front cover back on the machine. And try testing it by taking out sample prints.

If it still doesn’t work, contact Brother Support experts team. Go to Our website and call Brother printer support number 1800-728-0810.