How To Fix Brother Printer Not Responding Error

Brother printer driver

Imagine you are working on an important project, But you can not get any printout as your printer is showing not responding error. Its annoying is not it! Before you break out to bombard the printer and the manufacturer with curses.

Follow these simple steps to fix it.

First thing is, Check the cable which connects the printer with the computer. A loose connection could be the root cause of the issue, Remove it, Reconnect it, Reboot it and then check if the printer is working now or not.

The printer driver, If not installed properly or not getting installed at all could be the reason. To Check it, open control panel from the start menu of your computer and go to program and features section and look for brother printer’ driver. You can also check at devices and printer’s section under the control panel and set the brother printer as default, If not already.

If you can not find the driver in control panel then go to official website of Brother printer and download the latest printer driver from these.

This could solve your issue. If it still persists then go to and seek help from the support team. For more information, you can call brother printer support toll free number 1-800-728-0810. Our expert available twenty-four hours for your help.