How To Fix Brother Printer Connectivity Problems

If you buy a new Brother printer, it is possible that you are facing connectivity issue with your printer. There could be multiple reasons due to which a user can face Brother printer connectivity problems. Well, at that time You don’t be panic. By following few basic steps the user can take care of such issues on their own.

Wired or Wireless connectivity issues

Most often way user can fix connectivity problems by restarting the printer and the computer to which it is connected and bug doing unplug and plug the printer cable from both ends can fix the issue in case if it is a wired connection.

If the brother printer is wirelessly connected check the below things,
Reboot the Wi-Fi router. And wait for the printer to connect to the same Wi-Fi network which the router is transmitting.
-check if the Wi-Fi is also enabled on the brother printer too
-make sure the printer and the PC are on the same Wi-Fi connection. If not make sure to connect to the same network to make the brother printer seen online.

Connectivity problems due to drivers

Sometimes when the above troubleshooting does not help to resolve connectivity issues then updating the latest drivers form the website is the best way to Check if the correct drivers (both wired and wireless) are installed for the printer to connect to the computer and appear online

Is your printer is set as the Default printer?

If all the above settings are checked and set properly check and confirm if the desire brother printer is set as the default printer.
Check if there are any pending print commands in the printing queue, cancel or delete them restart both the printer and the computer.

By following the above steps the brother printer connectivity problems can be resolved. But, if you still facing the connectivity issues with your Brother printer Then, you can call brother printer Support Number 1-800-728-0810 for further help.