Brother Printer Not Printing The Whole Page Solve This Issues

If your Brother printer isn’t printing the whole page then follow these steps:

1. To figure out the real problem, try to print a document by placing it on the printer flatbed.
2. If the page is totally or partially blank it means it’s a problem of machine’s hardware, not the software.
3. Click on the “menu” or start button on the home screen and go to ‘Printer and Driver’.
4. To view the printer settings, right-click on the printer driver and then left-click on Printing Preferences.
5. Click and open the Printer’s properties:
6. Right-click on the Brother Printer and select PRINTER PROPERTIES.
7. Click on the Advanced Tab and select WIN PRINT under Print Processor.
8. Select ‘RAW’ from ‘Default Data Type’ and click OK.
9. Make sure the ‘Keep printed Documents’ is unchecked and click on ‘APPLY’.
10. Click on ‘Print Test Page’ from General Tab.

The issue is resolved If the machine prints the document correctly.
If the issue isn’t solved then the software needs to get updated. For this, first, uninstall and then reinstall the Brother Printer driver software.
It could be done by using the software CD, if available or simply go to Brother Printer’s official website and download it from there only for the smooth working of your printer.
Contact the support team if there is any issue regarding installing the software.
Now, Try to print one more time to check if the issue is resolved after successful installation of the latest software.

These instructions will be helping you. But still facing issues, Then you can call brother printer technical support toll-free number 1800-728-0810. Our experts’ team always available 24/7 for our customer happiness.